Our Electricians Forum used to be for the UK-only, back in 2006. In 2019 it reached out to the rest of the world, and they responded.

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We have re-launched our .co.uk as a rough cut news website. But whilst keeping the International Electricians Forum alive on the .net domain.

Learn to be an Electrician

Electricians Forums is a great place to find reputable training companies across the UK. We also run a free Electrician Mentor scheme whereby volunteers will help trainees with their exams.

They do this by way of challenging them with the right questions to find the right answers theirselves.

(No answers given without trainees working them out themselves!)

Come join our community and let us help you find the right course for your needs.

Electrician Jobs

Once you’ve been through all the necessary electricians training courses you tend to find that you have an electrical qualification but no electrical training or electrical skills.

Electrician Jobs aren’t easy to come by quickly. But the forum is here to help.

We have and area where jobs are posted to the forum by reputable companies, and also an area newbies can post to asking for electricians jobs.

DIY Electrical Advice

Worldwide there are lots of rules, regulations and restrictions when it comes to electrical works being carried out. Wether on vehicles, properties (whether residential dwellings or commercial).

However we do have some DIY members who share their knowledge with other DIYers. And then the professionals who can help, will help, to their limits.

Nobody should touch electrics when they’re not competent. No exceptions. Read more by clicking the link below.

Best Electricians Van

We have run a few Polls on this. Which is the actual best electricians van when you factor in the hand tools, products, ladders, perhaps supplies even. Then all the expensive power tools. Whether

an electricians van should have a 110V hook-up somehow. Whether it needs reversing cameras or special security locks and alarm systems. So it’s not just all to do with the colour, make and model it seems. Join in and see what you think.

ElectriciansForums.co.uk started out in 2006 as a small electrical forum with a few electricians on board. Since then it has grown to a mammoth 1.5 million posts, . Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

As a forum we have helped get some members trained as an electrician.

Then helped them pick out the best tools, then the best vans, then help them find customers.

And which rate-a-builder websites to avoid registering to, and what website to get for their company.

Years on, those then become the guys sharing advice with newer forum members.

Be part of Electricians Forums for free, and get exclusive discounts

36,482 members are part of the forum that negotiates with suppliers to get cheaper deals on everythin

From electricians vans and van insurance, to electrical tools and products, and online marketing and web presence (inc facebook and twitter). The forum is free to use as an electrician, and electrical trainee on a course, or a retired electrician looking to pass on some skills to the newer generation.

Registration is free, and only takes a minute. There’s an option to subscribe to remove most of the advertisements. But it’s not compulsory.


What’s that all about?

Our forums are free to use for all electricians. But those who supply products and / or services to the electrical industry would need to contribute to the running costs of the forum to advertise those products and / or services to our members.

We have been running since 2006 and we are quite lucky in the sense that we have not lost many sponsors over the years. We tend to find once one becomes part of our community, they tend to want to stick around.

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.