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  1. V=IR

    V=IR Trainee Access

    Hi there,

    I have completed c&g 2365 Level 2 and currently doing 2365 Level 3 at college. I would like to stick with Domestic electrician and upgrade to commercial later on down the line. After I finish level 3 what would be the next steps I'd need to take to become a qualified domestic electrician. I've already spent three years at college studying electrical installation and also hold the 2377 PAT cert. I think after spending three years already doing training I think an apprenticeship is going to take longer and because of my age I've been finding it difficult getting apprenticeships. I want to take what I've learned already and put it to good practice and go forward in my career as I would like to get 20 odd years on the tools once qualified. I would like to get started on Domestic work and be able to work on single phase systems and be able to sign off my own work. And to be recognised as a qualified domestic electrician. And as time progresses I would train more and gain more quals in specialist fields such as residential car charging ports. I just want to get out there and do what I was born to do ...but do it safely and above board with the right quals and certs. Any input would be greatfully received

  2. TJ Anderson

    TJ Anderson Forum Mentor

    Hi. That's cool that you are on your way to having 2365 L3 under your belt. The domestic market is pretty flooded and commercial firms struggle to find decent people and pay pretty well. Don't limit yourself to domestic, you can always go back to it if you want but you probably won't want to. You still need to be a Qualified Electrician for domestic though just same and in fact it is more regulated than commercial.
    Apply for national contractors if you can, they suffer more with retention and you may well get taken on once you have your level 3 as an improver and could complete NVQ with them which will get you fully qualified. You shouldnt do an apprenticeship as you will have all the underpinning knowledge and just require experience now.
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