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Discuss Anybody have experience with DiLog DL9118 MFT? in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. WillWX

    WillWX Regular EF Member

    As above really, my wholesalers has it on offer for a good price, they say it's made by Megger, all appears well.

    But what is it like to use..

    Does anybody have any experience with one?

    I've come from a Fluke, which I like but is near double the price, so it's tempting.
  2. Test-Meter

    Test-Meter Sponsor

    Haha, it's not made by Megger - somebody looking for a sale??!

    It's manufactured by another UK company, Seaward, exclusively for Dilog. It's a far cry in comparison to their older 9083P model as it's reliable, fast and very robust. The 9118 also offers a specification matching the mid-range Megger, including being able to test B type (DC current/high frequency RCDs) - a feature only capable of high end MFTs.

    Quality is great for a tester at this price range and the carry case is similar to the Fluke although slightly more robust.

    If you're local to us, pop in and we'll demo one for you. If not, see if your local wholesaler can instead.

    Feedback on here may be sparse as the 9118 has only been in the market for a few months.

    PM me with whatever your wholesaler is offering and I'll see what I can do for you :)
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  3. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Trusted Advisor

    Business Name:
    Richard Burns
    Thank you for that overview, I have just bought one but haven't used it yet and just looking at it I was worried it was not ideal. Your post reassures me, I will just have to compare it in use to my existing tester to see how it goes.
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  4. happysteve

    happysteve Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Dovecote Electrical
    They bought a load in the training centre I work in for the learners to use in their training and assessments. They're alright! Certainly an improvement on the previous ones. Rechargeable batteries don't seem to last very long (but then I guess they don't in many MFTs - I use 4 Duracells in my KT63 and they last for months) and the quality of the leads wasn't that great, in terms of the clips didn't make great contact when put on the probes... but at least the probes are compatible with R2 adapters, Lightmates etc, unlike some Other Leading Brands. :) The Dilogs seem pretty reliable and give consistent readings (allowing for the leads) and feature-wise they're good value I guess. I still prefer my little Kewtech, but I wouldn't pull a mardy face if someone lent me one to use! :)
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