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Discuss Anyone with a fluke 1664fc? in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. peterhyper

    peterhyper Regular EF Member

    These look like the dogs dangling bits, does anyone have one and whats you opinion, I'm also assuming you can do a zs at a light switch if you need to (older models you couldn't as it would trip the rcd)?
  2. Marti

    Marti Regular EF Member

    Romford Essex
    Business Name:
    Jigsaw Electrical Services
  3. Paul Dodds

    Paul Dodds EF Member

    Business Name:
    4front electrical ltd
    I have been using mine for a while now. So many features I find it difficult to find time to try them all. Every electrician who I've worked with has been wowed by the features and the price!
    However, on no-trip, mainly on TT systems, it trips the RCD. Spoken to technical many times and the main fix of changing the test frequency (down arrow when turning the meter on) only helped temporarily. They said send it in as its got a 3 year warranty but it's finding time, 2 weeks, where I don't need it!
    Really impressed by it otherwise and it really does have some great features not just gimmicks!
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