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Discuss Bill/Vertex 100AMP Fuse Carriers in the Commercial Electrical Talk area at

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  1. xyz1

    xyz1 Guest

    Got a customer with an old Bill/Vertex distribution board. The board can accept either Bill No 72 100A moulded fuse carriers or Bill No 10 100A porcelain fuse carriers.

    One of the existing 100AMP amp fuse carriers has a crack in it so needs replacing - in an ideal world we'd just suggest replacing the board but that's a non starter in the current economic climate.

    I've tried all my local sources for a replacement fuse carrier and also Google but currently coming up a blank.

    Any suggestions for companies that might have some on the shelf?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. darkwood

    darkwood Super Moderator Staff Member Trusted Advisor

    West Yorkshire
    Have you tried Newey & Aire, bill got bought out many years ago (not sure if its mem who did) but they do a modern alternative as far as i know, it was my local branch that sourced some 100amp replacement carriers. If i remember i exchanged some old 100amp bs3036 porcelain fuses for molded bs88 type but not sure if your fuses have replacements but worth a try.
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