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  1. Mushyph

    Mushyph New EF Member


    I am just replacing my 16 year old extractor cooker hood! Have an isolator switch and separate 3pin plug and the old hood simply plugged in. The new hood (CDA CST61) i've bought says THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE MAINS SUPPLY USING FIXED WIRING VIA A DOUBLE POLE SWITCHED FUSED SPUR OUTLET AND PROTECTED BY A 3A FUSE .

    My question is does this really need to be fixed wired in? Or will a 13 amp plug with 3A fuse be ok as I already have a separate isolator switch?

    Hopefully not a stupid question and would welcome any advice please.

  2. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    Fit a plug to the cord with a 3a fuse. Job done
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  3. kingeri

    kingeri Electrician's Arms

    As above. It makes no difference either way.
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  4. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    agree.according to amd.3, manufacturers instructions should be considered, not followed blindly.
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