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  1. needsomeadvice

    needsomeadvice EF Member

    Hi all

    Just looking at installing some external corner lights. Wondering what the situation is with drilling the corner where the two walls meet for the cable entry? Will the corner not just break off when drilling?

    Also, once in the cavity behind the external brick, does the cable need to be protected e.g flexible conduit maybe before entering into loft area?

  2. SparkyChick

    SparkyChick Making a banana smoothy for my fave gorilla Staff Member Moderator

    South Wales
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    Whether you break the brick depends largely on your technique and the state of the brickwork.

    With luck the brick will be relatively soft and you will be able to drill the hole without hammer/SDS action. This should minimise the chances of it breaking.
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  3. SWD

    SWD Gender neutral Electrician's Arms

    Photo of the light may help us work out the best option, sometimes a Wiska box helps.
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  4. ruston

    ruston Respected Member

    And keep reaming the hole so that the bit does not snag with the debris.
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  5. KEV 1 N

    KEV 1 N Electrician's Arms

    Use a normal chucked drill with hammer action, will be much better for drilling brick corners, a SDS could break off the corner like a hammer and chisel
  6. FatAlan

    FatAlan Trainee Trainee Access

    When you say external do you mean outside ie in the open or are you talking about the outside of a corner or the inside? A lot would depend on the hardness of the brick. Could you drill through the mortar between the bricks?
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