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  1. Jaycue

    Jaycue New EF Member


    My company are looking to have some PAT training delivered to some of our facilities staff and before I look to sign off on this I was wondering if there is any qualifications I would need to deliver the course (the one I have been forwarded is not accrediated but the learner would get a certificate of competence?).

    I’ve been a spark for 20+ years and now deliver technical training so I “think” I’m competent but unsure of any certification requirements.

    Any help on this is much appreciated
  2. oracle

    oracle Electrician's Arms

    This is an interesting question and you will probably have a variety of responses. The bottom line is your company must maintain any electrical system or equipment they provide, and keep records of such maintenance.

    "PAT testing" is one way of meeting this requirement and the IET publish the code of practice for this. I am sure that you sufficiently skilled to demonstrate the practical aspects.

    Being in house training there won't be a qualification, just a certificate of training. As a matter of interest,why don't the company want to use a college or training centre. It's normally a one day course?
  3. Strima

    Strima Electrician's Arms

    St Neots
    In house training is great until something goes wrong then everyone gets sloping shoulders.

    I'd out source this to a local centre who can get them C&G 2377, this route would also satisfy any insurance and ISO requirements your company may have.
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  4. Jaycue

    Jaycue New EF Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    We usually develop all our own in house training due to the niche market we work in so was just looking into the feasibility of delivering PAT ourselves as we are so used to doing it.

    Combine that with the fact that we work on boats world wide and to comply with best practice it would be good to have several technical staff on the vessels trained to do PAT testing as some equipment can be onboard for years at a time.
  5. oracle

    oracle Electrician's Arms

    When you say that you work on boats is this electrical work and do you keep maintenance records? This can be in lieu of Pat testing as such.
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