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    I have recently been asked to install overhead fixed ceiling track hoists in disabled peoples homes. The instructions that come with the regards to electrical safety are non existant, but the hoists have charger docks which are 240v on the primary side and on the secondary 26--28vdc. The charger then supplies 2x 5.5ah batteries. There is an earth wire on the supply cable but the charger is a class 2 item. I would like to hear other memebers take on the best method of installing these hoists.
  2. londonlec

    londonlec Regular EF Member

    Unswitched spur, isolate the CPC if its not required
  3. mogga

    mogga Just me Electrician's Arms

    It will depend on the unit If the power lead goes right into the unit or does it plug into the unit
    if its straight in the Plug top incase anything goes wrong and unit requires replaced then engineers MAY not be allowed to remove from F>C.U.
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