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  1. pbarrett

    pbarrett Regular EF Member

    hi all,

    I have 3 of these installed on a job and all 3 have stopped working. Reset them working for one night cycle them haven't functioned again. Reset again and he same.
    One is controlling x2 wall lights with led lamps
    Another the same
    And anther is linked to a halogen flood.

    Any ideas? I'm stumped
  2. multimick

    multimick Regular EF Member

    Business Name:
    lathom electrical
    my ex local wholesaler denmans calls them RETURNA for obvious reasons
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  3. freddo

    freddo Regular EF Member

    I think all the wholesalers call them that! Eterna stuff seems to be getting worse lately, work insists on using their gear, but it really is poor quality and unreliable. I wouldn't put it in my house!

    For photocells you can't go wrong with a nice Zodion. :)
  4. Stufin135

    Stufin135 EF Member

    Not sure if this will apply here as you have said they are also controlling halogens, but might be worth checking if they are compatible with LEDs and vice versa. I know it sounds silly but we have recently had a problem with some LED floods that had their warranty voided as they were controlled by a photocell. After finding this rather an odd policy we looked into a few other manufacturers and found similar disclaimers.
  5. anthonybragg

    anthonybragg Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    I have had the same problem on a remedial job that I was sent to the electronics in the photo cell and LED light do not like each other the same happens with ES/BC compact florescent lamps (the p/cell head was getting warm) now switch through contactor.

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