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  1. Churchill

    Churchill Guest

    Looking for full installation of Astronergy CHSM6610M-250M, 60 cells mono crystalline 250M, PT+5W 45mm, 14 panels in total, 3.5kw system with a Chint Invertor, all components supplied from cable to roof hooks, scaffold will be in place. Mcs sign off required, before August deadline.

    please inbox or email quote to [email protected]
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 2, 2012
  2. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    According to the MCS rules, this is not legal.
    The MCS company has to supply the main components so there is a paper trail from beginning to end.
    Installing the way you suggested who stands the guarantee?

    All that said I would not be surprised if someone will do it for you, I am just pointing out that it does not comply.
  3. jason121

    jason121 Electrician's Arms

    Seems to be alot of this going about. Bit like PART P.
    Also were are they finding all these manufactures. Never even heard of the above, do they come in a Kinder egg
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