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  1. invincible

    invincible Guest

    I've been asked to get some advice on a school conversion to B&B and living accommodation.
    Basically the building dates back to 1906 and consists of a middle corridor, 4 classrooms to the right, canteen, offices, and toilets to the left.
    The plan is for 7 B&B rooms and 3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom for owner.
    The B&B rooms are 6m x 5m incorporating ensuite with 4m+ ceilings.
    Central heating is a new oil boiler (gas available externally).
    Looking at heating options and long term costs.
    Keep the oil, convert to gas convert to wet underfloor or rip it out and install electric.
    B&B room controls would be individual and separate from accommodation.

    Lighting, conventional or LED????
    Prices of LED units are expensive but replacing lamps looks to pay back in less than 2 years using my calcs on the back of a fag packet.
    Is LED the way to go, and as it's all new.

    Any thoughts or experience welcome.
    Websites of companies that can price or design heating and lighting would be most welcome.

    Please debate this as much as you want. It looks to be six of one and half dozen of the other so some directions please.

    Thanks in advance
  2. invincible

    invincible Guest

    Thanks to those of you that viewed my post but C'mon, someone must have an opinion.
  3. kilmo

    kilmo EF Member

    Presuming this is based in England a material change of use will apply under building regs and part L will mean you have no choice but to have a minimum of 3/4 fitting contain a low energy bulb/led.
  4. Sparkii

    Sparkii Guest

    Yeah go with LED if they'll pay for the fittings, will eventually pay for itself anyway. As for heating, im assuming no gas? maybe air source/ground source rather than electric boilers/heaters
  5. invincible

    invincible Guest

    Thanks Kilmo and Sparkii for the info. The school is in Scotland but will pass the info on.
    A new oil boiler was fitted 2 weeks before the school shut..... which can convert to gas and the main runs along the pavement outside.
    Underfloor heating is an option but wouldn't know if to use existing boiler and do pipework or change to electric.
    Anyone have dealings with companies that can give advice?
  6. Engineer54

    Engineer54 Guest

    You need a heating & ventilating based forum to get any meaningful answers on the heating questions posed.

    As for lighting, LED or CFL your choice really. As for specialised companies to design lighting and heating, check the web yourself, i'm sure there are many about...
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