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  1. Event_Stand_In

    Event_Stand_In New EF Member

    Hi there, just introducing myself. I'm Tony.

    I'm after a bit of advice on a 100V PA system wiring.

    I've tried having a go at setting up a PA system, for an event in a few weeks time in a marquee, but I'm struggling with the instructions on wiring, which are next to useless.
    I've managed to wire in 1 speaker and have radio played through Bluetooth on my phone, but am trying to work out how I connect up the remaining 7 speakers (60w).
    Each speaker has about 1m of cable coming out of the back and I have 100m speaker cable, but not sure how best to wire up.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  2. shaunfriend

    shaunfriend EF Member

    100V Speaker systems are wired in parallel. Wire to the first speaker (connect common (negative) and 100V terminal (positive)) and then onwards to each additional speaker until all 7 are connected


    The amplifier has a rating of 60W so ensure that your speakers do not exceed this when all connected. What speakers are you using? Most decent 100V speakers have adjustable taps, many are simply fairly low in wattage by nature ie around 7W.

    When I've installed 100V systems in the past I've always made the connections at each speaker in either 3 way lever WAGOs or a simple connector block in a box.
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  3. Bob Geldoff1234

    Bob Geldoff1234 Regular EF Member

    Double check your speakers first.They will be either 4-16 ohms speakers in which case they have no transformer on the back or 100volt speakers which have a transformer square box first which drop down the voltage.

    4-16 ohms speakers are fine for short distances of say up to 30 feet runs.If you are feeding the speakers over a longer distance then you need the 100 volt version to transmit the signal further.
  4. TonyMitchell

    TonyMitchell Electrician's Arms

    Berkshire, UK
    For use in a marquee, is there any reason you are using 100v, as opposed to low impedance speakers? 100v comes into its own for long cabling distances and flexibility in tapping off as many speakers as you need without worrying about load impedance, the only limit being around 80% of the channel rating.

    The downside to 100v though, is the sound quality, essentially due to the very narrow band of frequencies they can reproduce. Also, most 100v 'PA horns' are very directional, typically 15-20 degrees, versus a typical low impedance speaker that would cover 70-90 degrees on axis.

    As can be seen from the reverse panel, that particular amplifier does both low impedance and 100v. For indoor marquee use, I would strongly recommend you beg, borrow or hire some small low impedance speakers, the results will be far superior and you'll achieve a better distributed sound with less speakers and won't rip the faces off those that otherwise may be sitting/standing less than a few metres away from a 100v PA horn.
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  5. Event_Stand_In

    Event_Stand_In New EF Member

    Hi, apologies for the lack of reply, my pc crashed and I lost access.

    Thank you all for your help, I did manage to successfully wire up the system.
    The speakers were all set at 3W which was loud enough for background music to played. The only issue I encountered was that the 6.3mm jack microphone didn't work, but not sure if I just didn't get the correct mode, or if the mic isn't compatible, as the suppliers showed one with paging function.
  6. Madocks

    Madocks Electrician's Arms

    Welcome tony
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