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  1. Freddie Edwards

    Freddie Edwards New EF Member

    Hi guys,

    Just thought I would say hello, my name is Freddie, I am 25 and from Nottingham originally, although living in London now. Been down here about 8 months and moved down here to get a job in business to business sales. I hated every second of it as I was sat behind a desk all day cold calling people, it was awful. Anyway on the Monday just gone I walked out of my job, I never want to have to sit behind a desk again.

    For the last few months I have been wondering about becoming an electrician, my dad is a window fitter and a lot of my mates back home are in the trades and love what they do (plus the sparks I know are minted!). I want to enjoy my job, be more hands-on but also having that challenge of having to actually think about what I am doing. I have always been more of a hands-on person - I worked with a tree surgeon for a few years after leaving school and spent my childhood taking apart motorbikes and tinkering with cars and whatever else I could find to take apart (and probably break).

    Anyway, I am looking to start my 2365 level 2 and 3 hopefully start of March which I will be self-funding, it runs two weeks off and two weeks on for 30 weeks so I will be looking to work as a labourer while I complete my course and then gradually learn more and more until I can be considered a "mate" I will then look to complete the AM2 and the NVQ3 and become fully qualified. I understand there is quite a lot of debate around these fast-track courses but I have no other option really, I am too old for an apprenticeship and I have to make sure I can pay my rent in London so this is the way I am doing it.

    Anyway I am sure I will have other questions as I complete the course so I thought I would say hello. Also not sure if I am allowed to put this in here but I will also be on the lookout for work in London as an electrical labourer, really eager to learn and listen and work on a labourers wage to begin with until I can contribute more knowledge and understanding to the job, so if anyone knows anyone that needs a helping hand drop me a message please!

    Cheers Freddie
  2. Massive1

    Massive1 Trainee Access

    Welcome Freddie.

    You’re going the correct way in doing your level 2 and 3 if you want to go down the qualified electrician route and proceed to your NVQ.

    2 weeks on 2 weeks off is it Able Skills or Trade skills 4u.
  3. Des 56

    Des 56 Forum Mentor

    Gliese 581C
    Welcome and good luck to you Freddie,you seem to have the will and determination to enable you to reach your objective
  4. static zap

    static zap Regular EF Member

    west midlands
    Welcome Freddie,
    plenty of learning opportunities !
  5. Freddie Edwards

    Freddie Edwards New EF Member

    Hi there, the training is with TradeSkills4U really like the look of their centre and I have read lots of good reviews on TrustPilot
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  6. Pete999

    Pete999 Forum Mentor

    Business Name:
  7. DC-backfrom the past

    DC-backfrom the past Electrician's Arms

    welcome to a trade that is full of headaches ,,,however the good people on here will help you with any problems .
    i wouldn't say its a minted trade but its a good one nonetheless
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