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  1. D80

    D80 Guest

    Was looking at a job today to quote for a rewire following a PIR (done in December) for a 3 bedroom house.

    The PIR was conducted by one of Northern Ireland's biggest companies, but its nothing short of just being a bit of expensive loo roll.

    Some notes on the testing:
    Ze - N/A
    PFC - N/A
    Insulation Resistance on all circuits >299MOhms (on a 35+ year old install hmmmm).

    Some of the coding's on the recommendations:
    CODE 1 - Switches and sockets installed at wrong heights (they are about 1400mm to top of switch, 200mm to bottom of socket!)
    CODE 1 - Cooker Outlet with combined single socket outlet (if so dangerous why are they still sold?!)
    CODE 1 - Fuseboard not suitable for domestic use (its an old Wylex Rewireable board!)
    CODE 1 - No rubber mats in cupboard with fuseboard (WTF!!)
    CODE 1 - Kitchen lightswitch partially covered by cupboard
    CODE 1 - Water Heater Switch controlled by 13A Spur Unit

    It missed the shower being fed directly off the Esco's (no fusing/RCD in place), missed the exposed parts on the live esco (cover missing), and had a lot more wrong with the report than those listed, its just all I can remember from it. Absolute jokers!
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  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    Business Name:
    jeez, that's not just bad, it's criminal.
  3. mark1979

    mark1979 Regular EF Member

    northern ireland
    was that a contractor or inspection and testing company?
  4. D80

    D80 Guest

    I hope it wasn't you(noticed the location):tongue3:

    No idea if a subbie did the PIR or one of the guys on the cards, but it was for one of the big boys in NI, and any spark in the country will have heard of them. NIC EIC Approved Contractors at the very least, probably ECA and JIB registered as well.
  5. mark1979

    mark1979 Regular EF Member

    northern ireland
    i was in a bit of a rush! the form looked a bit bare with no codes on it so i beefed it up a bit :) would be interested to know who it was?
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