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Discuss Kitchen spot transformers in the attic!!!!!! in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. seb77

    seb77 Regular EF Member


    While i was working at a customers house the other day he asked me to look at 3 of his kitchen spots (12volt) that were not working. Anyway a VERY long story short i found the the ATTIC. A big bank of 60va trannys that do the bathroom as well. Now that means 12volts are running a fair way. quickly advised him to try and change them into mains spots or re-wire them. they are wired in 1.0mm t&e and must run all told bout 5 or 6 meters min. Never seen anything like it. just how bad is that???
  2. needasparks

    needasparks Electrician's Arms

    I guess you have not seen much yet, wait till you've been working a while. lol
  3. Bright Sparks

    Bright Sparks Guest

    I am not surprised they are not working, unless they are old 'non-electronic' transformers, the volt drop on those usually means that after 1.5-2m they have a very poor light output if anything. It is also bad practice not to site them locally, but it is likely to have been a 'DIY' job, seen plenty of them, hence you are there!
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  4. seb77

    seb77 Regular EF Member

    They are the old trannys. ive been in the game for over 10years and never seen that. always keep um local!!
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