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  1. Mark27

    Mark27 New EF Member

    Hi all.

    I'm currently thinking of a career change and would like to become an electrician.

    There is a course local to me offering a level 2&3 diploma (2365) on a 16 week intensive course.

    Working out the amount of days put in, this does roughly work out to the same amount of time as 2 years at college.

    I know that this will not make me a qualified electrician and that I will have to complete an NVQ among other things.

    My questions are,

    1, are courses like this any good?

    2, where can I go once I complete the course?

    I'm not in a position to start an apprenticeship from scratch and know I will need site experience before I can start the NVQ.

    Just wondering what position the diplomas put me in and what level of work to apply for?

  2. dinger809

    dinger809 EF Member

    Business Name:
    The 2365 will give you a basic understanding, enough to get you started as an electricians mate. It also depends on where you do your training and your instructor. I've met a lot of people who have done this intensive course and they all come out of it with different levels of ability. You need it now, I think, in order to move onto the NVQ if you're not doing an apprenticeship. You'll still need work with an electrician or in site to build up experience and ability. Good luck
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  3. uksrevivor

    uksrevivor Trainee Access

    South Wales
    Hi Mark27 welcome to the forum
    A 16 week intensive course sounds like a hell of a lot to take in and understand over a very short period of time, im not sure if it is equivalent to 2 years at college but something to bear in mind is 2365 level 2 and 3 taught in a college over 2 years will give you time to study and research anything you dont understand between lessons. if the 16 week course is gaining you a level 2 and 3 diploma there will be very little research and learning time available to you to sit the exams.
    You may be able to do it and fair play if you can but some employers may look at this intensive course in a similar way to the become an electrician in 5 weeks courses.
    I would suggest you consider all the options first and speak to a few people in the trainee section for advice before parting with your money.
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