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  1. Noddy67

    Noddy67 Guest

    MCS renewal up next month... and time to hang up the crimps and work for someone else who is accredited.

    So anyone interested in a Mercedes 109CDI, white, 44k miles £6,300 plus VAT and the number plate PV 02 YOU too! (prev. an 08 plate). Good condition, good runner as you'd expect from this low mileage Merc.

    MOT'd till 11/10/2012.

    St Albans area.

    PM me for more details.

  2. Noddy67

    Noddy67 Guest

    Oh and if you're new to the market there's all the equipment and some stock going. RN
  3. SolarCity

    SolarCity Electrician's Arms

    Sorry to hear that, fella.

    The fact that skilled people are leaving the renewable sector should be considered a national embarassment. Barker is, frankly, scum.
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  4. Dale200bhp

    Dale200bhp Guest

    Im the same MCS renewal next month, and Im not going to renew it either. Got plenty of electrical installation work in the pipeline though for this year.
    I very much doubt we will be the only ones, alot of people have invested time and money in to this and stand too loose out big time.
    Good luck Noddy67
  5. Noddy67

    Noddy67 Guest

    cheers gents.

    It's all over too quick but I do know I had a good run at least for a year - some of our colleagues will only just have been accredited when the mayhem started/continued and not much chance to get their investment back.

    Maybe a year or two we'll get some balance back regarding renewables.
  6. JD6400

    JD6400 Trusted Advisor

    Sorry to hear you are out , but on the bright side give it month and you will not believe how much stress has gone !
    Maybe like us you will be back at the coal face latter on in the year , but with the benefit of hindsight this time .:juggle2:
    The thing I can not believe is that fresh people are still coming in to the trade ????:dizzy2:
  7. Noddy67

    Noddy67 Guest

    That's it DP. It's not just the lowe rates, or just the EPC requirement (or even the 20 year deal). it's the fact that the market will have shrunk but the competition will have grown for what's left - I can't see how it will remain profitable as we 'race to the lowest price'.
  8. SolarCity

    SolarCity Electrician's Arms

    I agree. We are sticking with PV but we're opening ourselves up for other work as I can say with a great deal of certainty that PV will not be enough alone to keep my business going.

    I predict a huge increase in wasted surveys.......

    and an even bigger reduction in the quality of installs.
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