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  1. Purd

    Purd New EF Member

    Does anyone know how long it currently takes, from the time of booking, for the NICEIC to come out and do the MCS assessment?
    Many Thanks
  2. 19simon

    19simon Electrician's Arms

    Mine took 8 weeks booked July 2011. Think it would be less now. If you allow time to sort out non conforms you need to allow another few weeks by the time you go on MCS. I had 4 non conforms, one of which needed clarification - all that took 6 weeks to appear on MCS, you need to check every day on MCS website as you get put on a week before NIC inform you. Once you are on you can log in using your NIC user name NICXXXX and register. Gemserve very helpful on phone.
  3. pwboston

    pwboston Regular EF Member

    ours was 4 weeks from booking, came on Jan 3rd, straight in, no NC, so you could be up and running fairly quickly.

    95% paperwork, 10 minutes looking at the job though.
  4. SolarCity

    SolarCity Electrician's Arms

    Followed by 95% despair, 4% supressing murderous rage and 1% installing.
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