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  1. VoltzElectrical

    VoltzElectrical Electrician's Arms

    hey folks, I fresh out of work again after 6 months on a nice theatre/ cinema build by me. It was a great job that lasted 6 months, but everything comes to an end. I have registered with loads of agencies and look regularly on the job websites but i fear I may be out for a while this time.

    Anybody know of anything in south/ south/west wales?
  2. gavin26

    gavin26 Guest

    Is Voltz Electrical your company?
  3. VoltzElectrical

    VoltzElectrical Electrician's Arms

    Not trading under that name now. I am a sole trader again. Long story, Why u ask?
  4. trev

    trev Regular EF Member

    Good luck to you mate I'm driving a van just now to feed the kids which breaks my heart every day so I know what you're going through.
    Keep your chin up:)
  5. Andy 7671

    Andy 7671 Guest

    Know what you mean, got a feeling the writings on the wall for me as well, oh well, wont be the first time.

    Second hand info here but what about Southmead hospital, Bristol, didnt Colston go squit or something....dunno anyway might be worth a visit.
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