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  1. steve447

    steve447 Guest

    As i am not currently a practising sparks, But am qualified 236 parts 1 &2, NVQ level 3, 17th edition and i did my apprenticeship many moons ago all on commercial and industrial work, i am struggling to get my head around different supply types.
    Especially my own house, the supply comes in to the meter and there is just a thin wire that is taped up which come off this supply cable going the MET, which type of supply is this? Also is this something that need changing by the DNO?

  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Trusted Advisor

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    that's TN-S. under that tape, it will be sweated to the lead sheath of the supply cable.
  3. malcolmsanford

    malcolmsanford Trusted Advisor

    TN-S and unless there is a problem with your Ze value, then no leave as is
  4. jumpin jax

    jumpin jax Electrician's Arms

    supply appears to be tns, earthing conductor could do with some attention if they will come round
  5. steve447

    steve447 Guest

    Thanks guys, much appreciated :)
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