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  1. and

    and Guest

    Install went well yesterday, however several of the panels have Scratch001.jpg "scratches" on them ... this may have been caused by the aluminium frames being dragged across the panel when they were being stacked-unstacked or as the installer suggests maybe it was done at the REC factory.

    Have tried rubbing with a cloth, cloth + Jif, abrasive pad + Jif ... the latter resulted in scratching the panel even more and the original aluminium embedded mark still remains.

    Anyone got any handy "how to clean this off panels tips"?
  2. powervan

    powervan Guest

    Suggest u wait till january and get panels replaced!
  3. jupestar

    jupestar Regular EF Member

    Is that definitely on the glass or under the glass in the silicon? - REC are decent panels, and a decent company so that shouldn't get through their QM.

    Get it replaced.
  4. powervan

    powervan Guest

    Defo look on bright side uve got it working and there be plenty of jobless fitters after xmas
  5. MorganPVI

    MorganPVI Guest

    Every batch of REC's we've ever fitted have had these scratches on at least one panel, give them a rub with closth and fix in place, the weather will sort it out eventually.
  6. powervan

    powervan Guest

    no quality control? been spoiled with sanyo and znshine:)) expert knows go with the advise!!
  7. and

    and Guest

    Thanks for all of the above remarks.

    The bottom line is: do these marks affect performance? If it's just cosmetic, then it's no problem.

    To clarify, the marks are definitley ON the glass itself, you can feel them.

    The marks are on four of the bottom eight panels, I haven't inspected the upper ones yet, but the scaffold is still there so I'll have a look when it gets light.

    How to tell if it's a REC quality control issue or if it was through the installer mis-handling the panels? I'll contact REC and see what their opinion is.

    I'll retry rubbing the areas again to see if any of it shifts, but yesterday neither the installer nor myself had any joy in that.

    To add though, I am aware that I am very fortunate and very grateful to the installers; the install was only arranged on Monday over the phone and I was straight up the bank to send off the deposit; and it's a nice system (3.92kW of REC's + Power One 3600) - the electrical work was brilliant (trunking on everything, an earth spike to earth the array, lots of stickers and glands) really tidy and thourogh ... the after install service IS there, but I am also aware that these guys are snowed under with work and scourcing kit, so perhpas best to deal with them post 12 Dec.
  8. jupestar

    jupestar Regular EF Member

    Yeah they will be more likely to get a positive response if you wait a bit to be honest... Scratches.. Could of happened in the factory, or in transit, or on install.... Nightmare to know. But you might want to let the office know you have a small problem but would wait till they are less busy to get it sorted. So at least they are aware.
  9. and

    and Guest

    Thanks jupestar, that's sound advice!

    Been up there this morning and found a small bit where the glass has actually been impacted, a bit like a stone chip on a windscreen.
  10. SolarCity

    SolarCity Electrician's Arms

    To be honest, I have seen lots of marks and blemishes on panels before. They do come like that occasionally. The mark on your panel does pretty bad though. I doubt it could have been caused by your installer - we're generally pretty careful with these large lumps of glass!
  11. and

    and Guest

    After some sound advice from this forum (especially big thanks to Scooby) the installer has just been out to look and is coming round Monday morning to replace the panel with the 'stone chip' and to clean off all the scratches ... I was happy to wait until after this very busy period, but he said as the scaffold was still up he might as well get it done ... really glad I chose this installer, very honest and conscientious!
  12. MorganPVI

    MorganPVI Guest

    Be careful not to rub off the antireflection coating.

    Honestly that little alloy scratch will not effect your generation in any meaningful way, give your installer a break, tomorrow is Sunday and he probably needs some sleep.
  13. Graeme Harrold

    Graeme Harrold Electrician's Arms

    North Wales
    Even more so now knowing they are in short supply..............:stuart:
  14. jupestar

    jupestar Regular EF Member

    I only see the photo, but scratches like that won't make a jot of difference to start but will mean the panel is likely to degrade quicker. Effecting the string

    Your installer sounds decent and honest but worth getting it changed if you can. Good on him for doing it so quick.
  15. and

    and Guest

    The anti-reflective coating is interesting: the installers are going to clean off the alloy scratches with a Stanley Knife blade ... they would've done this last night but it was dark ... maybe it's best to leave these scratches alone ... ten out of the sixteen panels carry these scratches, plus one panel with a 'stone chip' (photo).

    003bb panel 3000807480.jpg

    Is the anti-reflective coating on the surface of the glass or on the underside of it where it is protected? (am going to post up a thread asking this question)

    As for giving the installer a break, I have merely pointed out these alloy scratches to him as well as the one area of 'stone chip' damage ... that is my responsibility as a customer to ask him: do these scratches affect the panel in any significant way (apparently not), is the 'stone chip' of any consequence (it risks to get worse over time, so the safe and simple course of action is to replace the panel)

    It's his decision to want to clean off the scratches and to replace the panel with the 'stone chip'. I said I was happy to wait until this busy period is over, but he said as the scaffolding was still up he would prefer to do it now and he's got a fair quantity of REC 245 panels, so the replacement panel is actually at my house and going to be put up on Monday.
  16. Electric Plan

    Electric Plan Guest

    Usually AR coatings are on just the front or both sides of the glass. I would presume like spectacle lenses. Not looking that carefully when I touched a panel glass it got that tell tail greasy finger print on the top of the glass. So Sharp must have it on the outside of the glass and hence be very careful when cleaning. Once scratch there is no going back and usually the coating starts to flake off near the scratch.

    AR coatings like with glasses increase light transmission through the glass ideal for increased light reaching solar cells. They are made from Manganese Oxide and usually a blue colour. If you get a spec were it goes a different colour the lens had dust on it before coating and coating like a car spray has not adhered.

    A single layer of AR is not as good as multi-layer AR coat = MAR coating. It works better in all wavelengths of light. They are usually a reddy/green colour.

    Those of you who have had this on your spex would know that this only provides scratch resistance and NOT scratch PROOF!!! I've never seen people use sharp blades on spectacles. Be very careful what you use. You must use a microfibril cloth small one available from opticians and pound shops and larger ones from good car shops. With my glasses I can tell you these coatings don't last, may be its me? If the Microfibril cloth has sand-like particles on it as you start to clean= scratches. Shake very well before use and use soapy water/spectacle cleaning solution. Microfibril cloth works like a sponge to grease on glass. After it saturates and fills with grease put it in the washing machine with your clothes and it comes out brand new.
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