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  1. swimr

    swimr Guest

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a simple automatic switch that is sensitive to when the sun is shining?

    I have a d.i.y swimming pool with black pipe solar collector, It is hard for me to estimate what the days weather is gonna be like before I go off and work. A simple automatic switch that was sensitive to the sunshine would solve the problem by running the pump ony when its hot...

    I can buy more complicated systems that switch the pump on when the water in the collector is hot, however these cost £400 plus and I can't justify that price..

    many thanks
  2. rumrunner

    rumrunner Guest

    Hi ,Why not just use a temp controler and a thermocouple.,you can set it up however you like then .and for a lot less than 400 quid
  3. mpj111

    mpj111 EF Member

    do few market search, there are lot of bits and pieces available in the market for lot less than 50$.
    Temperature sensitive switchn light sensitive switch, pressure switch etc.
    bit of technical thinking can do some assembling to get what you want
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