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  1. SuperNick1980

    SuperNick1980 Guest

    Apologies for the lack of information, but thought I would ask for some expert advice on swapping 2 x gas fires for 2 x electric fires in my 1 x bedroom flat (one in the lounge and one in the bedroom).

    I know electric fires are more expensive to run and can make the air in the room dry but have considered it.

    Would this make a difference to the load (ie increased) ?

    Any advice for and against would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. fetamy

    fetamy Guest

    Hi Supernike!

    You want to know what advantages you will get? Or just want to know about the load. Electric fireplaces of modern styles are coming with a lot of benefits and energy saving systems. It can be a good option for an ambiance. It uses 350 to 3000 watts of power.
  3. kingeri

    kingeri Electrician's Arms


    Edit.............just seen the date on the OP. fetamy........please don't dredge up old pointless threads for no reason!
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    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
  4. Guest111

    Guest111 Guest

    If you are going to go down the electric route,what do you use for cooking and hot water?If you heat water with electric and cook with electric then by doing away with gas altogether then you would save on the standing charge if you went all electric and had the gas meter removed,however if you use gas for cooking and hot water then I would stay with gas fires as electric can work out expensive for heating,especially as it won't be on economy 7.
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