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  1. Bromd123

    Bromd123 Electrician's Arms

    I've just been given a shed load (litterally) of hand tools from my uncle, i have about 12 toolboxes full of hand tools.

    i have sepperated out all the pyro gear and swa stuff what i want to do is put a general toolbox together, ive got a 36" stanley toolbox for the job but need to know what to put in it. What I am looking for is one box that will handle the most jobs so that i don't have to lug 2 or 3 about at once

    Thanks in advance
  2. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    It depends on the type of work you carryou
    If it is comerial/ industrial
    set of insuklated screwdrivers
    side cutter
    2 sets of grips
    claw hammer
    tape measure
    sds chuck
    pencil/ marker pen
    spirit level
    Pad saw
    mains tester
    multi meter

    if you are going to be doing house bashing I would include

    club hammer
    floorboard saw (circular saw)

    volt sticks are useful but remembger they can break and use them with caustion

    other than this you will need drills etc

    basically it is a case of trial and error

    I keep the abovr in the van, but usually just walk in with the basic "Knife, fork and spoon"

    I'm affraid it comes down to experience

  3. Bromd123

    Bromd123 Electrician's Arms

    Thanks Richard i appreciate it!
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