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  1. Andy-1960

    Andy-1960 Electrician's Arms

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    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
  2. Rpa07

    Rpa07 2000 posts - only 46379 behind Telectrix! Electrician's Arms

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    Ebenezer electrical
    Flip flops and pink marigolds - I've got no problem with that though I may not wear my hard hat wiring Mrs Miggins security lights tomorrow!
  3. DPG

    DPG Electrician's Arms

    S Yorkshire
    Jeez that must take them ages to get a building up. I suppose labour is cheap over there though.
  4. SparkyChick

    SparkyChick Making a banana smoothy for my fave gorilla Electrician's Arms

    South Wales
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    And might explain why so many come down in natural disasters, I should imagine the integrity of the finished casting is seriously compromised by the stop/start of the pour, where one has gone off a little too much and the fresh doesn't bond so well.
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  5. GMES

    GMES Chief Gorilla Staff Member Trusted Advisor

    I just want to know if they all came on that work vehicle at the same time ( bottom right of pic )
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  6. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Top Poster Of Month

    I was working in Pakistan about 13 years ago as part of a team doing some building alterations, took all our own PPE, cheap wellington boots of all sizes, end of the job and we left the redundant PPE for the local Pakistani Lads, have you ever witnessed a Wellington boot war? hilarious it was.:womansboots::womansboots::womansboots::womansboots:
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