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  1. Zfusion

    Zfusion New EF Member


    I'm trying to get the LEDs on this 7 inch headlamp to come on with the engine. I have an existing DRL module but when the blue cable is connected up the LEDs stay on with the battery (without the engine switched on )
    It can be connected as parking but I want it to be on the ignition. It seems the ground on the low/high beams are the same being used by the LEDs. Any ideas on what I can do to achieve that? I'm sure I'm missing something quite fundamental. The instructions from the seller just said to connect it to the engine. That doesn't work either. The H4 connector picture is attached.

  2. PEG

    PEG Trusted Advisor

    Hi,has your vehicle got any lamp failure circuitry?
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  3. ruston

    ruston Trusted Advisor

    This is possible but you will have to be careful that you do not 'upset' the ecu in the process, as above.
    Are the lamps additional or part of existing circuits.
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  4. Pat H

    Pat H Don't ask, get an Electrician in.

    Ware Herts
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    Most of these DLR setups work on a feed from the battery and a wire from the headlamp.
    The headlamp wire is to turn the DLR off when the headlamps are on. Thy cause dazzle at night otherwise.
    The DLR module uses the battery voltage to switch the lights on and off.
    When the engine starts and the alternator charge kicks in the battery voltage rises and this triggers the lights to come on. When you turn the engine off the voltage drops and the lights go off. With a good run and a healthy battery the DLRs may stay on for some minutes after the engine is turned off. that's normal.
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