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  1. pikachu

    pikachu New EF Member


    I assume it's rare, however is there anything wrong against running all of the switches back to a single point along with the light? I see that I would need 3core+E for two of the switches and 4core+E for the intermediate switch and have a junction box to join them all up with the incoming/outcoming radial and light.

    I'm not certain I'm going to do this, I just would like to know if it is against any regulations.

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  2. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    Why over complicate an install?
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  3. SJD

    SJD Trusted Advisor

    Braccan heal
    I don't see any regulations problem, so long as any junction box is either accessible, or maintenance free - I'd guess if you were doing this, you want access to the connections for some reason. If I recall, there are systems that do this for lighting wiring (with a big prewired junction box), though I don't know that they'd cover intermediate switches.

    Would you care to tell us why though, as there might be a better way of achieving whatever it is you want to do?
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  4. pikachu

    pikachu New EF Member

    I agree it does needlessly complicate matters. However where the current three switches are located and the routes available, they all pass by the ceiling rose without a direct route between either of the switches.

    Another reason was as mentioned, I would like the ability to eventually add some home automation into the house. Unfortunately I haven't got the time/effort to do this right now so it would be convenient to have all the connections available in once single place so I can add an intermediate relay in future.

    Thanks for the responses.
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