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  1. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member

    I just have a few more tweaks to do, but we're now running on HTTPS instead of HTTP. Which is more secure and prevents the likes of 'man in the middle' attacks when you're out and about browsing our forums.

    Note that we also allow two-step verification for logging in too. So that you get notified if somebody else tries to login as you.

    And we Google Web Services for our own in-house emails, rather than our own mail server. And we us Amazon Web Services for the forum auto-emails, rather than our own mail server. So that nobody can gain access via those either.

    We use CloudFlare Web Protection services to route all traffic via to get checked before loading the website, which keeps the baddies away.

    So all that combined makes us genuinely one of the most secure websites online. We pass with flying colours all tests I can find. :)
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  2. Dannyg8810

    Dannyg8810 Electrician's Arms

    Great work
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