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  1. claret73

    claret73 Guest

    Anybody know of a brand that do a Lantern style wall light (to be sited outside the porch area) that comes on via a photocell at half illuminance - stays on all night & when detects movement comes on via PIR at full light level?? Been looking and B&Q seem only place I can find them...Wholesalers I've tried only do PIR or Photocell...
  2. 1shortcircuit

    1shortcircuit Guest

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  3. 1shortcircuit

    1shortcircuit Guest

    Doh! lol

    There's a certain company that has FIX in their name and the first part is a bit like Nail if you google that name and item 53887 then you'll find what you are looking for ;)

  4. nickblake

    nickblake Electrician's Arms

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