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GU10 LED's

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by rainstorm, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. rainstorm

    rainstorm EF Member

    Evening all,

    Has anyone been fitting "Lamp & Gear" 4W LED's?

    I've fitted quite a few, mainly in shop lighting to existing fittings, and have had a few failures, some within weeks. Some have been in downlighters and some in spotlight fittings (not enclosed).

    Just wondering if I've been unlucky!
  2. Jel

    Jel Regular EF Member

    East London
    I have had major problems with GU10 LEDs. You need to measure the supply voltage, as if its under 220v then the lamps do start to fail.
  3. mackers

    mackers Guest

    changed about 50 last month in a bar took 12v lamps and tranis out and replaced with 4&5 w gu10 leds
    had about 5 go 2 of them taking out dimmers fingers crossed haven;t hurd anything since.
    also had one go at home took it out of fitting and the lamp was still flashing in my hand for a few minutes!
    all bought from cef
  4. brooky25

    brooky25 Guest

    Ive used a lot of kosnic 5 watt Led's. Only ones that have gone down are the dimmable ones. Normal ones have been fine
  5. rainstorm

    rainstorm EF Member

    I'm going to site tomorrow where 4 have failed within 2 months so I'll test the supply voltage.

    Thanks for replies folks.
  6. mackers

    mackers Guest

    ye mine where a dimmable ones! i hate dimmers1
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