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Discuss Help with Honeywell CM720 Wireless Programable Room Stat in the Central Heating Systems area at

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  1. T&Earth

    T&Earth Regular EF Member

    Hi Guys

    Please bear with me dont often get involved with heating wiring, got a customer who wants there current heating controls upgradded to wirless as the wall where the wired room stat is on is comming down and they want to be able to operate it in different rooms.

    Currently got all Honeywell stuff
    • ST900C 7 day programer
    • T6360B Room Stat
    • L641A Cylinder stat
    • Boiler is a Villant Eco Tec Plus 624 System boiler on a S Plan
    Any help with this would be much appreciated Thank You in anticipation
  2. Megavolt

    Megavolt Electrician's Arms


    This should help

  3. T&Earth

    T&Earth Regular EF Member

    Many Thanks John for taking the time to reply, very usful
  4. JohnBoyZ

    JohnBoyZ Regular EF Member

    Don't know if you still need help with this but I've used a similar wireless stat (CM927) in my own house with the Vaillant Ecotec system boiler. In my case It was used as a secondary zone controller. I also used a Danfoss wireless programmable cylinder stat so each zone and the HW have their own programmable controllers.
    You say they want to operate it in different rooms, that can be a little tricky when you bear in mind the TRV's, it could work but they would need to ensure they turned the TRV's to MAX in the room with the wireless stat and set the TRV's to a sensible setting in the rooms without the stat.

    I have a circuit diagram of how I wired my system so PM me with your email address if your interested.

  5. T&Earth

    T&Earth Regular EF Member

    Hi John

    I take your point re TRV's I think the customer just does not want a fix room stat any more as they are knocking their house about and not sure where to move current room stat + they want the programer moved as it will be shortly be boxed in by the builder and they have read about wireless controls!!
    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, its much appreciated Cheers
  6. boldspark

    boldspark Guest

    The receiver of the wireless set replaces the common and sl on the wiring centre.
    Make sure you warn the client ( in writing/email so they can't deny it ) that the room with the wireless sensor MUST NOT have a trv in it.
  7. T&Earth

    T&Earth Regular EF Member

    Hi Boldspark

    Thanks for your reply, very helpful information.
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