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  1. sparkies2306

    sparkies2306 Guest

    Hi guys

    Need a bit of help on testing in a hotel (bit of background) its a 7 storey building with main switch room in basement as a working hotel nothing can be switched off. On the 7th floor existing rooms were refurbished with 8 new rooms added
    there is a busbar trunking running up the hotel from switch room and a tap off on every floor
    on each floor a 3phase board numbered (db15) which supplies power to each room then in every room there is a fuse box for all in rooms
    Now i have to test all of this so testing the fuse board db15 feed to each rooms thats ok and testing of rooms ok
    but testing the busbar or main switch room for my main readings for the KA, ZE, and all info for particulars of installation at origin nothing can be switched off also this hotel has no previous test info as was bought over a few years ago and no info was left
    id be grateful if you could give any advice on this test procedure
    could i put the 3 phase board down as the origin thats on 7th floor if i cannot get this info, would the 3 phase tap off be my main switch which is 3 x 60amp fuses which feeds the 3 phase board

    thanks again guys
  2. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    Your origin of supply is always the incoming head from the DNO.

    If you are just testing DB15, then just fill out the test sheet as needed, the put any values from the origin as either N/V or you could enquire for them? You can still test your PFC and PSCC at origin just your Ze will be not possible to be measured. Note anything not possible on the relevant section of the EICR.
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  3. sparkies2306

    sparkies2306 Guest

    dill would i not need a EIC not a eicr as some rooms are new sand refurbed rooms rewired
  4. graham123

    graham123 Regular EF Member

    Do you deem yourself competant to perform an EICR?
  5. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    Sorry thought you were carrying a a EICR my bad.

    Yes EIC for new circuits and a MWC for any circuits that have been altered. But all the other info still stands, really it's just a Ze you won't be able to obtain so enquire to the DNO for that value.
  6. sparkies2306

    sparkies2306 Guest

    is this your input into my question

    and i am capable of doing it or as you state competent it doesn't do any harm to clarify things with others
  7. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Guest

    As you can't switch anything off, i would be very specific on the paperwork, and make sure it is very clear in the extent and limitation box what you have and haven't done, and for the stuff you haven't done, be clear as to the reasons why, as with all theses things it is your bum on the chopping block, and when the insurers or whoever decide to want to see the paperwork at sometime in the future, you don't want be carrying the can for things you couldn't do, so make sir sit is well covered. I personally can't see the benefit of having an EICR done, if you can't at least check the Zs results for all the final circuits, especially in rooms for use by the public. If your Zs's are Ok then in all probability everything else will be OK with the exception of ring continuity which you can't do live and you can't find problems with unless dead anyway. If there are low IR readings etc, then they will have to live with it, and when they get low enough they will start getting faults anyway.

  8. sparkymalarky

    sparkymalarky Electrician's Arms

    Is this the EICR you mentioned a while back on here mate, vaguely remembering you posting regarding a job or something. If this is an EIC, test everything. If its an EICR, what was the agreement between you and the customer?

    If you responsible for the initial verification of these new refurbed rooms, then yes, you will need an EIC for these rooms alone. It also will need the signatures of the designer and the constructor.

    Your origin of the supply will be the incoming service head/service head belonging to NIE in this case.

    To be honest mate, if there is no scope for testing and switching things off, then this EICR sounds like a LIM-a-thon. Make sure you stick a limitation down against everything you didn't and can't do.
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