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Discuss In-Rush Current on Pressure Washer in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. SKY

    SKY Electrician's Arms

    Have an install where a professional pressure washer is popping the fuse on start up.

    The circuit is a 16a Radial from board to garage approx 15m long all fed by 2.5mm.

    The washer is a commercial 1 phase unit and has the auto start and stop once the trigger is pressed as soon as the owner starts the machine the mcb pops out.

    Washer is 2.8kw so 12a - the fluke says its pulling 11.35 when running but the inrush current is nearly 50 amps for a split second.

    Will changing the MCB to a C curve 20amp cope for the split second (board is crabtree starbreaker so c curve is all I can go upto).
    It works perfectly when plugged into a 32A ring.
  2. Archy Styrigg

    Archy Styrigg Electrician's Arms

    And I'm not surprised a 32A didn't trip.
  3. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Business Name:
    a 20A C type will probably get you out of trouble here.
  4. Marvo

    Marvo Admin and gender confused Staff Member Admin

    South Africa
    Your opening post is confusing. If it's tripping a b curve MCB then a c curve would be the remedy. If it's blowing a fuse then it's possibly a fault with the appliance, fuses are generally a lot more forgiving than an MCB.
  5. SKY

    SKY Electrician's Arms

    Popping the fuse is a generic term in my book and 99% of the sparks I work with will understand.
    also all uk pros would have understood the setup as I said the board was Crabtree star breaker.
    Thanks for the advice.
  6. darkwood

    darkwood Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    West Yorkshire
    The pressure washers motor will have a KW RATING unless this is what you have provided and at 230v a standard 2.2kw motor would require a 40amp type b or c to eliminate nuisance tripping 100% also a 25(d) would do the same job, what is the rating of the motor itself... Note you cant use basic ohms law what converting motor KW ratings into amps.

    If its supplied with a 13amp plug top then step will have been taken by the manufacturer to limit the inrush to allow plugging in to a ring main possibly but anything below may trip regardless of type.
    Last edited: May 11, 2013
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