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  1. synergy power

    synergy power Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    So i finally came to the decision to make my exit out of the Solar PV industry and move onto other things.

    I have got a buyer who has been a surveyor for a National Solar PV company and has decided to take the reigns of his own venture.

    My only question i have which i think i know the answer to although i just want to confirm with everyone on here is....

    When i am selling the accreditation (along with the business name, website etc. etc.) are there any changes that need to be made within MCS or have i just got to change all the required information within my companies MCS Bundle of paperwork. For Example, company structure, MCS Supervisor, etc. etc.

    Every bit of help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Ryan.
  2. Worcester

    Worcester Forum Mentor

    You'll only be able to do that if you are selling a limited company, if you are a 'sole trader' you'll have problems. As you need to understand who or what is MCS registered.

    Also you'll need a lawyer to draw up the contract as the new person will also be taking on all your liabilities, warranties etc etc. Expect legal costs in the region of £5000 minimum.
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