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  1. sparkymatt1987

    sparkymatt1987 Guest

    Is there anyone out there who has used the METREL MET03 minor works electrical installation certificate before? Reason I ask is I've just bought some to use just while I pass napit assessment and there are two parts on it that I've not come across in a minor works certificate before. In the essential tests section there is a space for 'continuity of protective conductors satisfactory(ohms). I assume this would be the R1+R2 reading?????? And another one has space for 'continuity of circuit satisfactory. What would this be as there is no (ohm) to indicate it is for a reading and no box next to it for a tick.
  2. spinlondon

    spinlondon Trusted Advisor

    Harlow Essex
    I would note record the value for Zs here, or if there is another space for Zs, I'd leave it blank.
    Your Zs test will be confirmation of the continuity of the CPC.
    Would record the R2 value, if the installation couldn't be energized.
    A tick for confirmation of conductor continuity, again something that will be confirmed when conducting the Zs test.
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