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Receipt storage

Discussion in 'Business Related' started by Matty o, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Matty o

    Matty o Regular EF Member

    How do you store your till etc receipts
    Currently i have a ring binder with a pocket for each month but can get a bit messy
  2. tonycoysh

    tonycoysh Guest

    I use a box folder. Oldest receipts at the back, newest at the front. When it gets full I mark it up and start the next one. Keep them until my accounts are filed and then move the whole financial year to a storage box and put them up in the garage. I only do this as someone somewhere once told me you're supposed to keep all accounts for 5 years. As I have not got to 5 years yet I haven't done any more. I guess when I do I will just shread or burn.
  3. HandySparks

    HandySparks Forum Mentor

    Business Name:
    Neish Electrical Services
    Thick ring binder for all purchasing paperwork. Big stuff, A4 or similar gets punched and filed in purchase date order (most recent on top, as tonycoysh). Small till receipts go in an ordinary 1/3rd A4 envelope, punched, which goes at the front of the binder. The envelope is small enough that things tend to stay in the corect order.
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