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shower Pump

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by smithjim0001, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. smithjim0001

    smithjim0001 Guest

    Shower pump fed by a fused spur.

    Fused spur fed by 2.5mm load side of fused spur feeding shower pump with 1.5mm flex.

    pump is 2.5ka so roughly 10amps flowing.

    I would then think that 1.5mm flex can take up to 15amp free air so it would be ok to put a 13amp fuse in the spur

    Do you all agree that 13amp fuse is ok.
  2. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Guest

    Sounds good to me. Might be good if SFCU is an RCD type

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  3. JASON

    JASON Electrician's Arms

    Button Pressing
    2.5kW pump?

    I have just installed one of those for a golf course irrigation system:D

    I am assuming you are in an airing cupboard and are spurring from the immersion circuit for the pump?
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