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  1. YTSOxford

    YTSOxford Guest

    Hi all. Have just installed an alarm, but am umin and ar'ing about whether to put the 6A MCB on the unprotected side of the board.

    Its on the RCD side at the moment, but the main box of the alarm is in the same cupboard as the fuse boards The supply comes to it surface mounted in conduit, straight from the board & was thinking it'll be good incase the RCD trips, the alrm wouldn't...but am also thinking some of the alarm cables are in the wall... What do you guys think?

    DHES-LTD Guest

    Leave it on the non RCD side as the cables arent burried mate.
  3. Mr Mark Sparks

    Mr Mark Sparks Regular EF Member

    you can do that, none of the alarm cables are 230v take it off the rcd (i would)
  4. YTSOxford

    YTSOxford Guest

    cheers lads, will do!
  5. musicmaster050

    musicmaster050 Guest

    is it fed straight from the mcb or dose it come off a 3amp fused spur
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