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  1. Ryvox Construction

    Ryvox Construction New EF Member

    united kingdom
    Business Name:
    Afternoon Gentlemen,

    I am looking to pick the brains of this forum if possible? I run a recruitment agency (Yes I will now hide and wait for the gun shots to stop) however the difference with us is before I set up the business in the construction sector, I worked in a very niche market within subsea robotics which relied heavily upon electrical know how. Also my business partner is a time served electrical specalised within the ROV sector (15 years).

    But my question is this, how do we add value to an already saturated market? In other words what would you gentlemen like from an agency?

    We have many roles coming in from a number of businesses but before we get cracking we want to best know what our audience needs.

  2. KennyKen

    KennyKen Electrician's Arms

    Better rate of pay... I've never worked for agency in U.K. But from what I know is if you pay or receive peanuts you get monkeys.
  3. Edtwozeronine

    Edtwozeronine Regular EF Member

    South Wales
    Sir Alan Sugar's favourite catchphrase that!
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