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  1. slocm3105

    slocm3105 Electrician's Arms

    South Wales
    Hey guys. Ive finally decided to get myself a decent toolbelt. Cheap ones just aren't set up right for a sparky. Any recommendations as to which one to get?

    Many Thanks
  2. Davey101

    Davey101 Guest

    Have a look at makita ones mate.
  3. m4tty

    m4tty Guest

  4. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    I got a DeWalt electricians pouch, had it for ages still going strong.
  5. gaffer

    gaffer Electrician's Arms

    Ive got a CK one and Im well happy with it.Do a search on Google and the americans do some awesome ones with little pockets for everything.
  6. scotsparky

    scotsparky Band Member Trusted Advisor

    i have the Bacho electricins pouch with dewalt belt suits me fine
  7. a12jpm

    a12jpm Electrician's Arms

    Dewalt one for me. lasting well. Click here for the one I use.
  8. slocm3105

    slocm3105 Electrician's Arms

    South Wales
    Anyone had any experience of the gatorback ones? It looks really good.
  9. Tin

    Tin Guest

    I have a CK Sparkys toolbelt, I think its the best one by far
  10. pennywise

    pennywise Trusted Advisor

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
  11. 85mick85

    85mick85 EF Member

    i have a ck one i got of ebay for under £35, i would be lostwith out it......i would recomend this on but iv only had a cheap one before this so i dont konw what makita and dewalt are like, but when i was buying this one i thought it was the best, have a look through ebay as they do a lot of different types
  12. footballhead

    footballhead Guest

    yep ck for me plus the breif case sort of lap top bag thingy
  13. Round Man

    Round Man Regular EF Member

    The Makita electricians pouch and the Bahco electricians pouch are pretty much the same design.
    both very good.
  14. sparky1502

    sparky1502 Guest

    i've got the new makita electricians pouch its sweet
  15. andekoch

    andekoch Electrician's Arms

    south croydon
    if it makes you feel any better I picked up a tool belt today for £2.95 in the wholesales clearance bin. not sure of the make but looks like a clone of the dewalt belt.
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