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  1. Gazthesparky

    Gazthesparky Electrician's Arms

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    Udell Electrical Services
    Hi There

    I have a customer who has a large mirror in her dressing room which she would like the theatre style make up mirror show lights installing all the way round the mirror. I have suggested to install 2 separate fittings either side of the mirror. these are off the shelf and saves me the hassle

    The customer said she would prefer that the lights go all the way round the frame so that leaves me with the problem with how to achieve that. I wondered if anyone has had to do this and whether anyone had found any kits of parts that I can use to make this up.

    At the moment I'm thinking of installing 2x2 white plastic trunking with some lamp holders in around the mirror. Would like to use LED to keep the heat down especially as id be using plastic trunking. Low voltage LED would be better incase one of the lamps get broken.

    any suggestions would be greatly recieved

  2. SparkyChick

    SparkyChick Making a banana smoothy for my fave gorilla Electrician's Arms

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  3. ruston

    ruston Trusted Advisor

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  4. Adie moore

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  5. Des 56

    Des 56 Trusted Advisor

    Gliese 581C
    can you not convince her to just buy a new mirror

    I installed the ikea lights top and bottom of the mirror just lately,the effect was what the client wanted :(
    ,I would suggest,if she hasn't done so,she look on google images at mirrors with all around lights ,the exercise may put her off the idea :)
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