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Discuss Install Ring Floodlight Camera - HA2 in the Looking for Domestic Electricians? area at

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  1. Pritesh Patel

    Pritesh Patel EF Member

    Greater London
    I require an electrician to install a Ring Floodlight Camera at the rear of my property.
    I would like this doing as soon as possible.
    Please reply to this thread or message me with a quote and ill respond in order of receiving them.
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  2. Murdoch

    Murdoch Regular EF Member

    "greater London" is far too vague for people .............maybe the first part of your post code?
  3. Pritesh Patel

    Pritesh Patel EF Member

    Greater London
    First part of the post code is in the title.

    For confirmation in the thread its HA2.
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  4. richy3333

    richy3333 Forum Mentor

    Ok, I’ll kick off. I’m in Scotland but will come down and do it for £15K cash (Scottish notes only - none of that southern softy money)
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  5. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear please let me back in to the prison cell. Electrician's Arms

    star command
    what about the Buckfast wine.
  6. richy3333

    richy3333 Forum Mentor

    Nah, its produced in England:(
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