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  1. overskilled

    overskilled Trusted Advisor

    So decided to make some alterations to my garage /workshop cu design (used by me only so no access to small kids, joe public, assorted morons etc...) (2 small enclosures with a stacking kit), however to get one of the RCBO flyleads back out, ended up having to cut the cable tie off that was keeping it neatly looped...and cut through the flylead...

    Anyone have any idea what size bootlace ferrule to use for the MK RCBO FE flyleads?

    Also is ok to chop down their length to something more sane? (chopping them down would make things look a lot less cluttered in there and easier to wire the thing)
    If so any advice on sizing for the neutral flylead ferrules

    Cheers :)
  2. drzsta

    drzsta Electrician's Arms

    0.50 mm2 ferrule is what you need on most and 6 mm2 for neutral. MK may be different but I doubt it.

    I cut them down in small 1ph CU's.
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    Last edited: Sep 5, 2015
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