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  1. Chas2012

    Chas2012 Guest

    Hi, I need some help please to replace storm damaged Suntech STP245S panels on an existing installation. The array is connected to a Sunny Boy 5Kw inverter set up as 2 x 20 panels. There are about 6 panels smashed, but with Suntechs discontinued I need to find some suitable replacements.

    I'd appreciate views on suitable replacement panels and which electrical characteristics to match up when mixing panels on the same string.

    Many Thanks
  2. SolarCity

    SolarCity Electrician's Arms

    Maybe an obvious question but have you tried contacting suppliers to see if they have any left over? It's possible they have some end-of-stock panels lying around.
  3. Chas2012

    Chas2012 Guest

    Had no luck with my suppliers. Also a previous thread mentioned someone last year, but they are out of business now. This issue will arise increasingly over the next few years, particularly on ground mounts where damage is more likely.
  4. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    You could try The Green Electrician, they were big users of Suntech, as far as I am aware Suntech are still trading, it was the Holding company that went into administration, but I believe it was more to do with politics and the anti dumping tax that was forced upon them.
  5. stevie gill

    stevie gill Regular EF Member

    Exeter, Devon
    As of Monday, Krannich Solar were showing stock of some Suntech 245s.
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