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Discuss temporary electrical device covers in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. drhartwig

    drhartwig Guest

    I have been using these device covers for the last 5 years personally with good response but do not really pursue selling them. I would like to get them reviewed for a more widespread use. I would consider it a new idea. I am new to this website so will try to figure out how to get pictures to this site.
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  2. Murdoch

    Murdoch Regular EF Member

    Be careful as this could be seen as advertising!!
  3. cook1e

    cook1e Regular EF Member

    they were selling (trying) them in wholesalers about 5 years ago and didnt sell well, plus they cost more than freezer bags !

  4. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    Looking at the flyer it appears to be an American socket outlets. As most of the electricians on this forum are English and the switches and sockets are not the same. I would not be able to sell these faceplates. Maybe you should look into the forums prior to attempting to sell your equipment.

    As another minor point I wouldn't buy any electrical equipment from manufacturer who uses a yahoo email address.
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  5. mogga

    mogga Just me Electrician's Arms

    arent the the same as YOOZIE box thinggys ??

    OP WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS advertising Link Reported
  6. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    Unauthorised Advertising.

    You are affiliated to the product.

    Contact admin for sponsorship rates.
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