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  1. sl1210

    sl1210 Guest


    a customer wants to replace his wireless doorbell with a wired system. now the thing is, he wants a chime in the house and a chime in his garage on the same button.

    what is the best possible way to do this??? would i need a bigger transformer to power both chimes???

  2. NDG Elecs

    NDG Elecs Electrician's Arms

    Tyne and Wear
    Possibly, depends on a number of factors including tranny ampage and voltage output, chime's elec specs, volt drop may be an issue if a very long run.

    I recently added another chime to an existing bell, easiest way for me was to piggy-back off the terminals of the primary chime. When testing it initially to see if it worked ok, the chimes were a bit weak. However, when installed and the cable run was half the length as before the-chimes-were-a-chiming.

    I know th new chime was rated at 8V 1A. But am not 100% certain on tranny or original chimes.
  3. sl1210

    sl1210 Guest

    so i can just come off 1 chime to the 2nd. or should i just run 1 cable from push bell to chime 1 and 1 cable from push bell to chime 2??
  4. thomas-1981

    thomas-1981 Guest

    Why does he want to have a wired chime? Not buy a wireless kit with two chimes and set them to the same frequency?
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