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  1. DS53

    DS53 New EF Member

    with a single UPS rated at 8KVA, 230v, stating maximum input current of 44A, would the over current device, cable size etc be based on the 8KVA installed load (the UPS), or, the actual load of 8A, connected to the output of the UPS ?

    this is a fixed installation, supplying computer based loads, PCs, monitors of fixed quantity
  2. MDJ

    MDJ The Muppet Police Forum Mentor

    What does a OCPD do? what does it protect?
  3. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien Nunes Mercury Arc Rectifier Respected Member

    The maximum input of the UPS consists of the maximum connected load, and its own consumption for recharging the batteries which depends on the UPS itself. If you are planning to operate it on a supply of lower capacity than its manufacturers specify, then you would have to allow for the charging load and the connected load, which in this case seems to be much lower than its rating.
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