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  1. GT1

    GT1 Guest

    Does anyone know of a combined fitting that i can hang a small glass chandalier from a ceiling and run the flex through for the pendant.

    Its not a massively heavy thing but its too heavy for me to comfortably hang it from a standard pendant fitting. Im going to fit a batten between the joists in the loft above the ceiling (screwed through the joists) to provide the strength, and use a hook through the ceiling into it, to hang it from. Just need to find a neat way to bring the flex through ceiling too, either through the same hole, or VERY close by so it all hangs square..

    My thoughts so far has been an oversized hole, big enough for the hook AND the flex, (allowing movement of flex) and sealed neatly with some flexible sealant.
  2. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    Something like this????

  3. GT1

    GT1 Guest

    ohhhhhh you beauty..!!

    where please..??
  4. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

  5. GT1

    GT1 Guest

    ah cheers Lenny...

    saved me searching for a few hours there. !!!!

    Knew there had to be a specific fitting for this. Thats great, thanks.
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