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  1. alanmcm

    alanmcm Regular EF Member

    I'm going to be learning to interlock conveyors so that one cant start without the preceding one running. For safety purposes.

    I'm working with a guy that does this all the time and we wont be doing this until next Saturday but he isn't the best at explaining stuff. He knows his stuff and is a fantastic spark but maybe I just don't absorb it all when hes explaining it.

    The way I have it in my head at present is that if I have a contactor and overload (motor 1) with everything connected as should and then an additional conveyor needs installed. So new contactor and overload provided. Would I be right that I can loop my A2 from the first contactor for motor 1 to motor 2. Then can I loop from my A1 through a NO front mounted auxiliary onto the A1 of motor 2 contactor? Thus when motor 1 has been energised it lets A1 through to motor 2 so it can wait for a start signal?
  2. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien Nunes Mercury Arc Rectifier Trusted Advisor

    Not quite; if you fed motor 2's contactor coil A1 directly from the contactor 1 auxiliary, it would start as soon as motor 1 starts. For a simple interlock, visualise each contactor with its own start and stop buttons arranged as usual, but add the NO auxiliary contact on contactor 1 in series with the motor 2 stop button. That way unless contactor 1 is energised there's no feed to either the start or hold contacts of contactor 2's circuit, just as if someone was holding in the stop button.
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  3. LeeH

    LeeH Insert witty monkey comment here. Electrician's Arms


    Beaten to it.
  4. alanmcm

    alanmcm Regular EF Member

    Great thanks very much.
  5. SheffSimon

    SheffSimon Regular EF Member

    I've worked on miles of conveying, carrying bottles, cans, airport baggage, pallets, frozen pies, quarried stone, etc etc and never is it as simple as that. Depending on whats being transported, there will be timers and sensors, and usually a PLC to control it.

    Anyway, yours may be different.
  6. benji

    benji Electrician's Arms

    north east
    from what i remember its the last conveyor that starts first and first one last so that the conveyors are running before any product is loaded on to them , and when stopping its the first conveyor that stops first
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